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thank you, animal control holding four pit bulls tonight believed to have mauled a man to death in the central valley a woman called police saying she found a man on her driveway in the city of selma just south of fresno. deputies say the body covered with wounds. dogs found several hours later in a home. the fresno county coroner is working to determine the exact cause of death but suspicion is mauling. the district attorney will decide if charges will be filed against the dog owners. >> san francisco police officer post aid controversial video on his facebook page that has his bosses taking a second look. we are live from the hall of justice. what is this all about? carolyn? >> well, video posted on a facebook page, identified as belonging to sfpd sargeant carl t. he changed his last time to tannenbaum, from, tannenbaum, rather. you can see the driver hands
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are on the wheel, racing through the broadway tunnel. the joyride starts at the entrance on larken and ends in chinatown. posted limit is 35 miles per hour. our abc 7 news crew drove that in 40 seconds. we timed the video posted on the web site which showed officers wild ride took 16 seconds. the sargeant facebook page had a quote, 100 miles per hour in the lambo, naming 10 passengers saying about them, and the car, quote, it's roomier than you think. plus we were all drunk. now, head of the police officer association says he has no confirmation and he's not sure how this will be handled. >> never seen anything like this. of course we live in the age of internet and in the age of the wen. so this would with on a case
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by case basis. the chief would have to make a determination of whether or not this is appropriate. >> now, he says he has not talked to sargeant carl t and cannot verify this incident which happened back in september. we have been untibl reach sargeant t working at a station near the broadway tunnel. by the way he's taken down his page. the police chief sout of town and was unavailable for comment. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> all right. thank you. police in san francisco's bay view helped safe the live of an aabandoned baby. the mother apparently giving birth on the street then covered in blood went to a homeless shelter looking for help. they called 911 but the woman left. only to return with a newborn.
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>> she was hysterical saying she wanted to come n she came back with the baby she to not want come in. >> the woman refused to go inside of the shelter seen handing her baby fwoi a man on the street. police responded and rushed the unresponsive baby to the hospital. both mother and child are expected to recover. in california you can give up your newborn to save surrender site within 72 hours of giving birth. it can be given to a hospital, fire station or loca local -- location with this logo. there it s blue and white house with a baby in the center. save location to surrender a newborn. >> driver crashing into a toddler's bedroom is facing driving under the influence and hit and run charges. a 2-year-old san jose girl sleeping in her crib this morning when a suspected drunk driver veered off the road crashing through the bedroom.
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look what damage is, hitting the crib. >> this crib is broken in half. she just flew out no. scratches. >> i jumped and grabbed my baby off the ground. she was looking at me like this and started crying. >> my, goodness. the driver tried to get away but the neighbors were not about owe to let that happen. they held him and paramedics gave her the all clear. no. scratches at all. >> it's incredible. >> we're learning new details about the shooter opening fire on shoppers inside of a mall last night. abc 7 news has the latest on the gunman, and his victims. >> these are the two people killed in the shooting at that oregon mall. a 15-year-old was shot in the chest. remains hospitalized in serious condition. her family says she was taking a short cut going through the
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mall on her way home from school. none of the three knew the shooter. he's 22-year-old jacob tileler roberts. investigators say he stole an ar 15 semi automatic rifle tuesday from someone he knew. this is what though say happened. he went through macy's to this food court area this, is where he did most of the shooting. his gun jammed he ran to a stairwell apparently working to unjam the gun. he ran. >> the gun is jammed. he says this is the last place he saw them go. he fired out here, then, the gun jammed. >> that was the call dispatchers heard. they rushed 100 officers and deputies to the mall. the shooter was wearing a white hockey style face mass skpk a vest. >> they came down the stairs to lower level.
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back in this corner. it's where he shot him. >> inside of the mall, 10,000 shoppers told to raise hands and head for the exits or stay locked down inside of the stores. deputies and employees had rehearsed this procedure just this past summer. >> in a situation like this, it's either you know, stay right where you're at, lock down. or get to the nearest exit and out of the building. >> the family of the 15-year-old is set up a page to update recoverry. and in it her brother writes he we appreciate support and prayers. we have a link to that page on 7 news. >> well, four people accused of tying up a man and woman leaving them to die on the street pleaded not guilt yes to a variety of charges today accused are a 31-year-old and
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22-year-old. all four in court today. the judge would not allow them to be videotaped. authorities say the tied up a 26-year-old inside of a home, then shot him inside of an suv, dumping the body on the street. they are accused of beating, tig up and gagging an 18-year-old woman who is also dumped on the street and the individuals knew one another there is no reason for the community to be in fear. however, there were very brutal case autos the district has not ruled out the opportunity more people may ab rested. >> a man accused of murdering see year lamar returned to court today. the 21-year-old did not enter a plea as expected. garcia-torres arrested in may on charges of murdering the 15-year-old.
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her body has never been found. she vanished on the way to school. garcia torres was charged today with attempted kidnapping, stemming from another case in 2009. he's expected back in court in february z at a preliminary hearing today in san francisco, an occupy protestor ordered to stand trial on five felony counts including assault with a deadly weapon for lobbing bricks at police from an occupy building. police say one brick thrown by a 34-year-old hit a protestor in the face. he's accused of two felony counts for assaulting a cop and felony vandalism. he is being held on half a million dollars bail. >> bay area is in the middle of a so called king tide. that is what it sounds like. it's the highest tide of the year. you can see this flooding this moshing in highway 101. it occurs when sun and moon fall into alignment that
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exerts pull, also winter storms. one woman rides her bike to work from the city. >> this is floding and i had no idea. >> yes. >> i have to turn around. i can't get through. i'll have to go by. >> king tide bring low tides and it ends friday. >> in daily city, officials expect to clean up from a water main break. the pipe break turned a neighborhood into a muddy mess nearly $500,000 of that expense will go towards fixing the deep, 200 foot long gash in the hillside. ever since that pipe broke, many have complained of overflowing toilets and sewage problems. officials holding a meeting tonight to update residents on repair autos amazing. damage from one water main. >> the simple way to help feed those in need. >> also, the foamy mess
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environmentalists dumped outside levis head quarter was something they claim the jeans maker is doing. >> i'm sand gentleman ya patel. get ready for frosty cold nights ahead tr. there is more rain in the forecast. i'll have a preview of the weekend coming up. >> top five google searches of the year. including celebrities and a video game. can you with guess? stay with us. abc 7 news
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we have breaking news in southern california. a police s.w.a.t. team is on cal state fullerton campus searching for a man with a gun. there is no report of a shooting at this point. police were chasing an armed suspect who ran on the campus. that is why they're on campus.
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we'll keep you posted on developments. no shooting taking place but they do have reports of a man armed with a weapon. >> of course, dan will have more for you on abc 7 news. take a look at this. a river of foam outside levis headquarters today, greenpeace demonstrating what they say is toxic water pollution dumped into mexico rivers by suppliers providing these pictures. today's protest involved nontoxic foam on battery street. now, in response, levis says they're working towards the goal of ending hazardous discharge in all plants by the year 2020. >> it turns out gas smell forcing a shelter in place in three schools today was a false alarm. charlotte wood middle school ordered to shelter in place about 11 in the morning while crews and pg&e tried to figure out writ was coming from.
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pg&e determined the smell related to a natural gas cloud blown through the area but quickly dissipated. no danger apparently. >> we had a lot of fun today. still having it today, our 21 share your holiday food drive. >> yes. it's just a great day. we're live in three locations throughout the bay area. accepting donation autos we want to catch out with our colleague autos we begin with abc 7 as spencer christian live in union square. spencer? >> okay. we've been having lots of success here at union square. lots of wonderful people coming out and sharing their spirit. by donating to our food drive. we've raised $10,000 here, it's time for to you help out. we're going to be here for a couple more hours. there are many bys to donate. easiest way, we have seven ways. you can just text the word
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feed to 80077. you can come here in person, go to your local food bank. you can win a gift certificate for $250 to shopping at broadway plaza if you go to our web site abc 7 you'll see the different ways to donate. first, two colleagues are there right now. let me toss it over to them. >> thank you very much. you can get us in a very, very wonderful moment here. it's the fifth day of hanukkah. they're beginning to might the menorah. we're here in walnut creek. just a moment early for that. they'll be lighting it in just a moment. yeah. >> it's been a great day here at broadway plaza goal to get as much food in the bins as possible. we're going to be here another hour. it's been fun. you know, one thing is that this is almost a silent crisis. nobody realizes that one in six people will be hungry in
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the bay area sometime this month. it's terrible. we've got to fix it. >> we do. and you can help right now. if you text feed to 80077. it's a $10 donation. let's move ate long to ama daetz. >> take a look behind me this, is where michelle is set wupt second harvest food bank. this is where you can make your donations and serve santa clara ask san mateo counties. people have been dropping off food items or you can bring cash, write a check. and it's symantech dropped off a check for $15,000. last year this food bank provided 38 million meals to the kmuchblt i want to show you, we have dj leanne,
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rocking it for us with radio disney. come out here, be sthour make a donation. you can help families in need this holiday season. live from santana row, abc 7 news. >> what an important day, ama. thank you very much. thanks to michael and larry as well as spencer. if you can't make it out to see us, we can still help you take part in our food drive. or you can text feed to donate $10 that easy. help share the holiday. >> lovely if you can help us do that. >> we hear about how americans don't manufacture products anymore, well, we found a contradiction in our own backyard n conjunction with abc news made in america series we sent wayne freedman searching for local examples and he found an item everybody uses. >> one of the proudest streets in one of the oldest buildings here is a venerable name for
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you. a country that somehow survived. >> we're in china do you make mattresses? >> we're in china? i don't think so. >> robin, the third generation. her grandfather edward was a mattress equipment salesman from chicago. he came to san francisco with his brother, leonard in 1998. -- 1898. if they were to visit today, those brother woz be proud to see the company they founded still going strong. >> the benefit of doing it ourselves is that we're in charge of the quality. >> easy to say not easy to do. when they say they make them from scratch in america, they mean it. beginning with the cotton. they blend and machine into batting. to bed coils beginning at raw wire, manufactured in california then finish bid
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former street sweeper. >> all hand made. >> yes. >> by your hand? >> all of our hands. >> they build mattresses old fashioned way. same as they always have, as reflected through almost a century's worth of orders and receipts remain on file. >> this system is old school. but it works when a customer calls asking for information on a sale, they consult these catalogs, they have everything in 15 seconds. so when did they go to computers? >> in 1998. >> it does not stand with the normal financial winds not about quantity. some mattress companies might turn out 1500 every 24 hours... >> we vary a lot. so it will be anywhere from seven to 12 a day. it's not a lot of mattresses. >> they can cost upwards of $5,000 each, customers may have to wait three weeks for
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delivery but the mattresses have a 10 year warranty. >> other products dmot last this ing long. >> are you going put yourselves out of business. >> we could have made decisions to move the company to make this elsewhere in a less expensive manner. we believe in the family name. >> so in a hurry upturn it over make a buck, build it overseas world here is a local contradiction. mckrosky airplex still succeeding the old way. >> you learn a lot today. >> more than you thought. >> in san francisco, wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> every wednesday this month world news is airing special made in america reports tonight at 5:30. viewers and some members of the abc family share their favorite made in america products. >> good stories. we lucked out on weather.
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>> oh, my goodness. >> cool now, but nice. >> we thought goitsing to rain. >> we got lucky. that is all i can say. >> yes. we still have showers into afternoon. and evening hours. they were hit or miss showers, waits all g the chill is settling in. we're in for a very cold night. not just tonight we're going to see cold nights coming up. plural. live picture new from our east bay hills camera. you can see leftover clouds out there. the clouds will just be very few overnight tonight. temperatures will be dropping, though. let's check out another live picture. from four to 12 inches of snow. yes. fresh powder. this is a cold storm. it's still winding down. i'll show you what it looks like at this hour. we have returns here. and a lonely shower.
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and you can see just east of the area, it's isolated in nature. here are the rainfall totals, and moffett field a tenth of an inch. oakland, 600. san jose rngs 7/100ths. looking here just about a third of an inch. half moon bay in the santa cruz mountains so just about what we had expected. in sierra nevada snow is winding down. chain controls still in place so if you're trfling keep that in mind. temperatures now are falling. it's getting cold. 47 in santa rosa. it's down to 48 in concord, cold, frosty we're looking at sunny skies tomorrow. but still cool and a chance of showers on friday. that is not our only chance as far as rain is concerned. tomorrow morning it will start
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out cold down to freezing in santa rosa. 33 in napa. 37 in vallejo. when waking up in the morning make sure you grab a coat. 38 in san jose. 38 degrees in half moon bay. looking at satellite and radar this is a front that came through. now that cold air is coming in. this combined with clearing skies will lead to the cold night. high tides of the year taking place now. this is king tides. over seven feet tomorrow morning. and friday morning seven feet so watch out for more flooding issues. it's a cool one. low to mid-50s under mostly sunny skies and around the bay, temperatures in the mid-50s.
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cold morning cool afternoon. friday, chance of showers coldy cold again saturday morning and a chance of rain sunday. that system looks like light rain maker. bigger storm wednesday. >> still ahead bay area police officer who is one of santa's helper autos yes. making s
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all right. we're nearing end of 2012. i don't need to tell you that. it's time to take a look back at some of the biggest pop culture fon nom nons. whitney houston's tragic death propelled her to the number one google search of 2012. number two, yes. controversial singer and his gangnam style dance moves, also, hurricane sandy, ipad three, video game diablo three and kate middleton. >> a san leandro police officer doing more than just keeping the peace. he's trying to make a difference for needy kids, raising 20,000ses today help provide children with gifts for holidays. using money to build bicycles and donates them to kids last year, raising $17,000 and this year set sites higher hoping to raise $23,000 z he's now
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just 3,000s adds way from that goal what. a really kind gesture. >> yes. >> i like that. >> still ahead another light lit in
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in the abc 7 newsroom coming up at 6:00 the fbi sing yelz out an order of east bay nuns. the fight being taken on by sisters of the holly family. also, overcome with emotion in the east bay. gifts handed out today to-to-some people who really needed it. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news tonight at 6:00. >> thank you. see you then. >> this is the fifth night of hanukkah. >> the festival of lights celebrated again tonight in san francisco with lighting of the union square men mora. >> the holiday celebrates the victory of a small group of ancient jews over a larger opponent. >> it lasts eight days because of the miracle of a small
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amount of oil that should not have provided light that long, but somehow, did. happy hanukkah, indeed. >> world news is coming up next. i'm cheryl jennings. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time we'll see you again at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, the shooter. we see the face of the 22-year-old who stole an assault rifle and fired at holiday shoppers in an oregon mall. his girlfriend speaks to abc news tonight. and we tell you how so many survived. rocket power. the strange boy-faced dictator in north korea launches a rocket that could reach the united states. how dangerous is he? head on. the news tonight about all of

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